Charitable Days

13 Aug


Days are made charitable by their absence ,

best off intruding someone else’s eviscerated

existence rather than mine ;

Time was when I felt

that I had time ,

some substance of it

in my backpocket ready for

rainy days that sort of thing ,

but no , days are not like that ,

monstrous they are great

impervious behemoths with their

unrelenting array of hours ,

all twenty-four of them ;

count them then count them again ,

absence makes the heart grow fonder ,

in their case absence makes

the days grow longer ,

or so it seems to one with

the imprint of the day’s boot

on my face where it had stamped down

with an indifference peculiar to time ;

tick tock tick tock as though time didn’t care ,

which of course being Time it can’t possibly can it ?

Days espouse nothing other than…

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